How Does Poetic Hours
Work ?

As of March 2008, 'Poetic Hours' is now published online only..

We still need your poems, sent to us by email, for publication in the magazine on this site.

We will publish two issues a year, as we always have, - Spring and

The current issue will remain 'live' for a short time whilst it is on the site.This means you can send your work to the editor and, if accepted, it will be added straightway to the latest edition. After the closing date, it will be saved and automatically added to the next one.

You can now read the magazine for free...

If you want to send us your poetry, please submit it only via our usual email address. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept contributions by post.

Because this is a free site and does not host advertising, we would ask that all poets, whose work is accepted, make a contribution to the charities that we support. This can be any amount,  but because of charges, we would request a minimum of £5 for UK writers ( or the equivalent in euros) and $10 for everywhere else in the world. This money can be paid online through a secure bank - we will send you a bill for the amount you select or you can send us a Paypal donation to xerranpublishing.subscriptions@ntlworld.comx (please remove the 'x' at either end).

If you want to learn what charities we support, please click below.

If you want to see what donations we have made recently, please click below.

This is intended as a quick overview only.If you want to know more, please visit our homepage or email the editor with any further questions.