'Poetic Hours' has come a long way in regard to charitable donations. We thought it was about time for a rethink on our poilicy and a chance to reassess where we are going. Over the years we have given a lot of money to a wide range of charities but during that time the major organisations have put more pressure on governments and they have been pressurised into funding big projects and responding more speedily to disasters. There's still a long way to travel of course, but I think its time to turn away from the big names for a while.
Some of the greatest satisfaction I have had, as editor, is getting the very personal responses from our donations to small groups. We have been supporting Family Care for many years - actually buying presents for deprived chuildren at Christmas which the charity then distributes.In the last couple of years we have also supported the Star of Hope charity in their work at the Roman oprhanage in Bulgaria. Poetic Hours has put money towards buying beds, a washing machine and more recently, providing vitamin tablets and fruit - the first oranges the children there had ever seen. For me, being able to make more of a direct connection and get pictures for this site has been great and this is the new road I want the magazine to take. I have decided to nominate three organisations to receive our support.
These are our projects until further notice-

1. Family Care
  We will continue to fund the Christmas collection for the deprived children under their              auspices. Our donation is usually selection boxes or goods to the full value of the gift so            every penny  goes directly to the children. There are no overheads. My report and a                  photograph of the donation are always on our donation page on this site.

2. Roman Orphanage,Bulgaria
   We will continue to fund any projects undertaken by the Star of Hope charity relating to this      orphanage with an annual donation given directly to the volunteers about to work there. The     workers report back with pictures and news of how the money was spent. Again there are no      overheads.

3.  Muslim Hands
    We will build, with the aid of this charity, water pumps in villages in Africa and Asia that         have no fresh water supply. The pumps cost £100 each and Muslim Hands has minimal             overheads as well as providing pictures of completed pumps.These will be posted on this           site when we get them.
4. Emergency Fund
   We will still provide funds to Oxfam, Save the Children or any other large charity, any relief     aid that needs to be given, whenever the need arises.

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